luni, 5 martie 2012

Anunt / Announcement

In primul rand, vreau sa spun ca m-am gandit sa fac blogul bilingv, ca de ce pula mea nu, daca tot am cititori din toate tarile lumii ca-s boss si ma promovez, si daca Engleza e cea mai utilizata limba and all that. + Ca-mi mai pun la punct limbajul si gramatica si alte treburi. Poate mai incolo o sa fac loc si germanei, si poate finlandezei, da' mai am mult de invatat pana sa ajung acolo.
Si acu' despre linkul de mai jos. O melodie absolut geniala de folk metal. E pusa pe repeat on and on. Oamenii inca sunt cat de cat necunoscuti, desi sunt din ce in ce mai cunoscuti, din cauza oamenilor ca mine care vor sa sharuiasca ce e misto. Cam atat am de spus. Si ati mai putea vedea si alte melodii de la ei, toate sunt worth it, in opinia mea.

First of all, I wanna say that I thought to make this blog bilingual, because why the fuck not, if I have readers from all the countries in the world,  'cos I'm a boss and I promote myself, [Slight irony here, my Romanian readers got it instantly, most likely] and if English is the most used language and all that. + I'm working on my parlance and grammar and other stuff. Maybe later on, I'll leave some room to German, and maybe to Finnish, but I have a lot to study 'till I get there.
And now about the link above. It's an absolutely brilliant folk metal song. It's on repeat on and on. They are still pretty much unknown, although they are getting more and more well known because of people like me who want to share what's awesome. That's pretty much all I have to say. And you could check some other songs by them, they're all worth it in my opinion.

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  1. I agree they're unknown. Never ever heard of that band. Pretty nice music though! I used to love metal :)

    1. Idk dude. I digged a lot into folk metal, and this is one of the best songs I've ever heard. Of course, it's only a matter of personal taste, but you got the point. And got a question, why did you "use" to love metal?

  2. bagpipes are so nice, they are used way too rarely!

    1. Then I'm sure you'll love this. :D


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